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The Social Security Disability application process can be slow, confusing and frustrating. Hiring a Social Security Disability attorney to handle your claim makes the process much easier and does not cost you a thing unless you win your case. People who hire a lawyer have greater success in obtaining disability benefits awarded to them, compared to those who proceed alone.

Types of Benefits

There are a number of benefits available under the Social Security Law. Primary benefits available are as follows:

  • Regular Disability Benefits (DIB) - If you have worked and paid enough Social Security taxes and you are disabled, you may be entitled to regular disability benefits. The amount of these benefits will generally depend on what you have paid into the system through social security withholding taxes.
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)-SSI benefits provide income to a disabled person who meets the financial requirements of the Social Security System. There are very restrictive limitations on what assets you can have and what income you can make and receive these benefits. The benefits are designed for people who have no other income or support.

If you have already applied for a claim and been denied—you can still get benefits, let us take it from there. Our firm has been very successful in Social Security Disability Appeals.  If you have any questions about what type of benefits you are entitled to, contact us.

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