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Landlord-tenant laws can have an affect on both the person who is leasing and the person who is renting the property. Typically, landlord-tenant disputes revolve around state property and contract laws. The typical disputes between a landlord and a tenant revolve around the lease agreement, paying rent on time and damage to property. If you are involved in one of these disputes, you might choose to consult a lawyer to know your rights.

At William H. Arroyo & Associates, we have extensive experience resolving residential and commercial landlord and tenant disputes involving nearly all types of residential and commercial property. We represent either party on all landlord and tenant litigation matters, including:

  • Holdovers and Nonpayment Proceedings
  • Rent Overcharge Proceedings
  • Damage to Property Disputes
  • Summary Proceedings
  • Contract Actions Between Former Tenants or Landlords
  • Wrongful Evictions
  • Rent in Arrears Collection Actions
  • Tenant Evictions
  • Breach of Warranty of Habitability
  • Landlord Liability
  • Appeals

If you are a tenant or landlord in Georgia and need legal advice, you can rely on the experience and ability of William H. Arroyo & Associates to provide you with the accurate legal direction to resolve your matter in an expedient and affordable manner.

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